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Board Material:
Divany adopt imported MDF which is from Germany, in line of E0 standard with the state "GB18580-2001 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limit of formaldehyde emission of woodbased panels and finishing products", environmental, safety and reliability.

Divany chooses Rose Wood, which is the world’s most rare species of wood, only grows on the African continent central, on Gabon and Congo. The wood is solid, grain is clear, delicate, beautiful color, and belonging to the unique quality and value is not generally flat or man-made composite material can match. Besides, there are Oak, Wenge, Ash veneer for optional.

Hardware Fittings:
Decorative hardware fittings are all our own design, the materials are S304 stainless steel made in Japan. And functional hardware fittings are from Blum Company who is the world’s most well known, achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1991. All fittings are imported directly from Austria, none of general or imitation hardware could be compared. The series of blum motion slider which Divany choose from BLUM company achieves Germany LGA certificate, can be run at least 80, 000 circles, bear gravity 350N.

The fabrics which Divany uses on Soft furniture are from factory Novatex in Milan Italian. The fabric texture and surface is smoothness, durability, wear-resistant, flame-retardant standards and sunshine, washing change degree are matched international highest standards. Richly imaginative original designs and patterns are from the professional designer Amasier, although the price is much higher than ordinary fabrics, the unique perfect appearance and comfort will be assured. Divany still insist on use of this fabric, It is obvious that Divany’s stringent requirements on products.

Divany furniture Chooses colorful glasses which nip Germany made color-film between two highlight glasses, This technology is made by the professional machine, formed a stable and secure and reliable quality. Even the glass is serious break up, it will not hurt our life safety. The glass color is uniform, and colors are variety, white, red, black, purple, gray five colors for choice.

Paint is to create the furniture surface comfortable, shiny, beautiful. And it is the high demand of decorative process to prevent the filter moisture into furniture internal and corrupt materials. this process requirements Divany exercised very strict control over, we use Italian lacquer to ensure the quality and stability, after double Primer, double grinding polishing, double finishing painting to complete all the processes. Our all environmental clean-pressure spray painting production line is guaranteed highlighted paint plates of gorgeous color fullness and smooth surface clean and beautiful.

Board Material:(Finishing and Color)
003 glossy white
004 dull shiny kelly
005 glossy ivory white
006 glossy bean-green
007 dull shiny coffee
008 glossy feather-grey
009 dull shiny feather-grey
010 glossy grey
011 glossy red
012 glossy black
G01 white glass
G02 red glass
G03 grey glass
G04 Black glass
G05 Flower Painted glass
G06 Flower carved glass
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